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The Benefits of Pool Enclosures

Are you thinking of getting a pool enclosure?  There are many people who live in the area that are already enjoying the benefits of these beautiful home additions.  But maybe you are on the fence about having a pool enclosure installed because of return versus investment.  If so, you might want find the information located below very helpful in making your final decision.  Today we will learn five major benefits of pool enclosures.  Often times, a pool enclosure in South Florida can help you enjoy your pool, even when the bugs are out. Five Benefits of Pool Enclosures Keep the bugs away: With the dangers of the Zika Virus and other bug related diseases increasing every year, keeping bugs at bay is important.  Having a West Palm Beach pool enclosure installed around your pool will solve this major issue. It will prevent drownings: Pools can be a very dangerous place [...]

Which Type of Outdoor Enclosure is Right for You

Do you simply love the great outdoors but you hate the sun and bugs that come with it?  Many people in the Central and South Florida area beat the heat and the bugs with a simple but elegant outdoor enclosure.  There are many different types of outdoor enclosures that will fit the many different needs of Florida residents.  Today we will take a look at several different styles one of which just might be right for you. Four Different Way to Enjoy An Outdoor Enclosure For the pool: One type of outdoor enclosure that everyone seems to love are pool enclosures.  If you love to swim in the evenings this pool upgrade will help keep the warmth of the setting sun inside.  Pool enclosures will also reduce the amount of maintenance needed and it will keep the neighbors out while you are not at home. For the hot tub: Do [...]

Benefits of Adding a Screened in Porch to Your Home

Adding a screened in porch to your home is something that many people are doing these days.  A screen porch will add value to any home and there are many benefits of owning one.  If you would like to learn more about the benefits of adding a new screened in porch to your home or repairing an existing screen porch, please pay close attention to the information provided below. The Benefits a Screened in Porch Can Offer You It will keep away the bugs: Adding a screen porch to your home will allow you to enjoy the comfort of your backyard without having to deal with all those bugs. Mosquitoes are everywhere in Florida and many of them carry dangerous diseases that can harm your family and your pets. A custom screened porch can help prevent those nasty little bugs from getting in. Porch screen replacement can add value to [...]

Screen Repairs Before A Hurricane

2016 Hurricane Season is upon us South Florida.  Even though hurricane season begins on June 1st and lasts through November 30th, we have already had two named storms and many more to come.  What does this mean for your screens enclosures?  It simply means this is the time to for screen repairs before it becomes worse. Image by Coastal Breeze News showing Screen Damage In order to ensure that your screen repairs are done correctly and not damaged during this time of year, having someone maintenance the screen enclosure as soon as possible is important and should take priority.  We have been lucky in Florida over the past few years and so it has been acceptable to some homeowners’ not to worry about damage to their homes’ from a hurricane.  This year we may get lucky again, but not lucky enough to avoid seeing a single tropical storm [...]