We offer tailored solutions for all imaginable needs pertaining to screen room maintenance and repair. We specialize in screen room repair and maintenance as well as complete re-screening of existing screen rooms, and patio and pool enclosures. Regardless of who manufactured and installed your original enclosure, our team will perform professional repairs and confirm that everything is up to our high standards with the same care and finesse that we put into our new installation projects.

Your screen rooms and patio enclosures allow you in enjoying the pleasant breezes and pool parties with your family and friends without any worry of annoying bugs and insects or harsh weather conditions. However, these screen enclosures require timely maintenance. When a golf ball crashes into your pool or your screen is damaged due to a fallen tree limb or you notice a tear, screen repair becomes vital, and we can help.

Before the broken or ripped section of the screen room becomes hazardous, we can repair and restore the screen room back to its original standard. As a screen room is subjected to harsh weather conditions, clawing from pets, and more, it needs regular cleaning and proper maintenance. We can ensure that your enclosures stay looking like new.

We specialize in cleaning the salts, chlorides, dirt and other chemicals that get deposited over the screen room from pools and salt air and damage the frame and other components. We can also effectively fix broken doors, rusty screws and take care of all the screen room repair works. The amount of required maintenance and repair depends on the size of screen room and the location of your home, but you can expect fast and courteous service that meets the specific maintenance needs of your screen enclosures.