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Screw Replacement for Screen Rooms

Do you own a screen room that has seen better days?  One of the most common problems that screen room owners face is rusty screws.  Over time the screws can even fall out causing your screened room to slowly fall apart.  But luckily, there is screw replacement for screen rooms.  Today we are going to learn more about how screws rust and how you can replace them with new ones.  This helpful information will guide you in the right direction. Pool Water Is Highly Corrosive Many screen rooms are used to enclose a pool.  But pool water contains chlorine which is highly corrosive.  To prevent rust, try to wash off those areas of your screen room that are exposed to pool water.  Simply washing the side of your screened room with [...]

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Screen Repairs Before A Hurricane

2016 Hurricane Season is upon us South Florida.  Even though hurricane season begins on June 1st and lasts through November 30th, we have already had two named storms and many more to come.  What does this mean for your screens enclosures?  It simply means this is the time to for screen repairs before it becomes worse. Image by Coastal Breeze News showing Screen Damage In order to ensure that your screen repairs are done correctly and not damaged during this time of year, having someone maintenance the screen enclosure as soon as possible is important and should take priority.  We have been lucky in Florida over the past few years and so it has been acceptable to some homeowners’ not to worry about damage to their homes’ from a [...]

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